Playmakers Soccer Camp

Camp Director

Mike CombS



Playmakers Soccer Camp was started in 2002 by Mike Combs.

Mike is the Boys Head Soccer Coach for the Seven Hills School. 

Previously, he was the Head Men's Soccer Coach for Mason High School for 3 years and Cincinnati State College for 14 years. He also coaches numerous select and rec soccer teams throughout Cincinnati. 

Each day of a Playmakers soccer camp week, we focus on different topics such as: dribbling, passing, receiving the ball on the ground and in the air, shooting, and heading. 

There are 4 key element that we focus on during each of our Playmakers soccer camps:

1) Technical Skills 2) Tactical Skills  3) Fitness level  4) Mental Toughness

Any youth player would need to develop these 4 areas to become a more successful player as they grow with the game of soccer. 

2023 Dates


All Camps are at The Seven Hills School 

(this year only due to McDonald Commons being closed)

Camp 1 
Date: June 12 - June 16      

Ages: 5-14     Time: 9am-12pm    Cost: $70 

Camp 2 
Date: July 24 – 28               

Ages: 5-14     Time: 9am-12pm     Cost $70

​For more information, please look at Camp Forms for times and prices.