Playmakers Soccer Camp

Playmakers Soccer Camp will do the best we can to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids of Madeira.  We have looked at what tons of soccer camps across the country are doing to see what best practices we should enforce.  Here is what we came up with:


 Social Distancing will be enforced to be the best of our abilities.

Check-in will be at a separate table off to the side of the shelter at McDonald Commons.  Please arrive early if you need to fill out a form.  Please stay 6 feet apart. 

We hope to have more coaches, therefore groups will be smaller.

Groups will not have water breaks at the shelter.  They will take their water with them and stay in their groups.  They will maintain social distancing during breaks.  

Hand sanitizer will be provided whenever necessary, as well as at the end of camp

Coaches will NOT be wearing masks. They are coaching children in the July heat, so they will keep their distance when possible.  

Coaches will be screened each morning for any health issues.  

Pinnies used by kids will be washed every night.  

As always, during camp, kids will be playing small sided games, along with working on their individual skills, and will finish each day with the greatly loved Gold Cup Tournament.

Please remember that some kids understand social distancing and some do not (especially the 5 and 6 year olds).  We will do our best to remind them.  We want all kids to have fun and learn soccer in a positive environment.